Clan MacAlister Visitor and Clan Centre

Glenbarr Abbey, an 18th century residence, built by Col. Matthew Macalister, 1st Laird of Glenbarr. Today it serves as a visitor centre for the history of Clan MacAlister.

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Originally called Barr House in the village of Glenbarr. It was purchased by Matthew Macalister in 1796. It was rebuilt in 1815.

Glenbarr Today

Angus Charles Macalister, 5th Laird of Glenbarr and his wife, Jeanne. Angus passed away in 2007. Lady Glenbarr still lives at the Abbey.

Visitors Centre

Plan your visit to the Glenbarr Abbey and Clan MacAlister Visitors Centre on your next trip to Kintyre in Scotland.


Help keep this historic property open to guests and visitors the world over for generations with a tax-deductible donation.

How fortunate we are, as a Clan, that Laird Glenbarr has generously given to all MacAlister Clansmen, for all time, this magnificent house and grounds. Glenbarr Abbey is special gift to you and needs your support both spiritually and financially.
— Dennis MacAlister, Chairman, Clan MacAlister Society, USA