Angus McAllister of Glenbarr

Angus MacAlisterAngus Charles Macalister was born in 1937 to Ranald MacDonald Brodie Macalister and Hilda Mary Best.

He was educated Gordonstoun School—which a few years later was to educate Prince Charles—Angus joined the Royal Navy as an Ordinary Seaman despite being on first-name terms with a number of admirals at the time.

After leaving the Navy, Angus entered the world of advertising photography at a studio in London. Along with colleagues from the USA and Australia he trained and explored the galleries, film festivals and visual explosion that was London in the ‘Swinging 60s’. It was this experience that developed and honed Angus ‘ talents as a photographer and his keen appreciation of colour, design and the visual arts.

Other hobbies and interests included transport technology; model railways — he could recognize most of the world’s locomotives and practically every ship afloat. He was a lover of New Orleans jazz, a talented photographer, spoke German fluently, all while being a vigorous Scottish dancer, traveler, yachtsman and a fan of the Harry Potter stories. His wicked sense of humor and ability to laugh at the absurdities of life stayed with him always.

After retiring from active cattle and sheep farming he continued to love the land of Kintyre. He recycled to ‘save the planet’ and took his responsibilities as Laird very seriously. He was held in high regard by those to whom he gave advice or a helping hand.

Angus C. Macalister, 5th of Glenbarr passed away April 4, 2007, shortly after his 70th birthday after a long battle with cancer. Angus was a great Scot and Clansman and will be missed by all who know him and loved him. Jeanne Macalister, Dowager Madam Glenbarr, thanks all that sent the many thoughts of love and sympathy to the family.

Angus’ gift of Glenbarr Abbey to the Clan MacAlister Charitable Trust is a legacy that will live on in the lives of MacAlister’s forever. Preservation of his legacy it will fall on all of us to do more to ensure that the Clan Centre is maintained for future generations of MacAlister’s.

Angus now rests with his ancestors at Patchen. His eldest son, Duncan, takes on the mantle of the 6th Laird.

Jeanne Macalister, Dowager Madam Glenbarr, now manages the Clan Centre for the Clan MacAlister Charitable Trust with some voluntary local help. Since the winter of 2008/2009 she has resided in the adjoining Coach House, which belongs to her, and is easier to run as living accommodation.

(Contributions by David Jenner and Dennis MacAlister)

6 thoughts on “Angus McAllister of Glenbarr

  1. Please tell us how best to help out and we can spread the word at the local Highland Games planned in a couple of weeks. If simply cash, how to send and where are helpful. Also, as a clan member…what is involved in coming to visit sometime?

    • Dear Robert and Lynette,

      Sorry this reply is so late… This is a new web site and I have not been checking it often enough… I will put it on my calender to check regularly.

      Thank you for your offer to support the Clan MacAlister Society (CMS) and the MacAlister Clan Centre.

      You can join the our great CMS by visiting our web site and joining on line using PayPal.

      You did not say what Highland Game you attend but we are always looking for Clansmen who want to help CMS and ask them to consider joining our Commissioner Staff and setting up at tent at your local games as an official representative of CMS.

      As CMS is an Educational Tax Exempt 501(c)(3)Non Profit we also accept cash donation in support of your educational mission… You can go to our web site and make a donation or join CMS.

      If you are in Scotland and visiting the Western Highlands you can stay at Glenbarr Abbey April through September. Contact Lady Glenbarr for B&B rates and reservation at

      Thanks for your interest in CMS and the MacAlister Clan Centre. If want to join the Commissioner Staff or you have any questions please let me know at:


      Dennis I. McAllister, OLG

  2. Hi, I am a McAlister descendant and will be visiting Scotland in May 2014 from U.S. My husband and I are interested in visiting the McAlister Visiter Centre and wondered about staying there. What is the tariff for accommodations at a Glen Barr Abbey?

    Thank you for your help.


    Karen Greenawalt

  3. Dear Karen,

    Yes you can stay in Glenbarr Abbey we have several room available for Clansmen and Friends of Clan MacAlister who want to stay in their own family manor house while in Scotland.
    Jan 4, 2014

    Sorry I just saw your email. This is a new site and I forget to check it often.

    Please contact Lady Glenbarr, Jeanne Macalister directly for B&B rates and reservation. Her email address is: . Phone when dialing from the US is: 01 583 241 090.

    If you have any problems reaching her please let me know.
    Dennis I. McAllister, OLG

  4. Hello Mac Allister ! 😀

    My sister, Rachel, and I are both from the Mac Allister Clan and we’re the proud 3rd degree cousins from Sir William St John Sommerville McAlester of Loup and kennox.

    We’d like to know if The Clan is organizing any Highland Games at Glenbarr?
    We’d like to know if it would be possible to organize one at Glenbarr in case none of it is organized OR if there is not sufficient space, a place close to Glenbarr…

    Would you also be kind to providing me with the correct phonenumber to Lady Jeanne MacAlister? Both phonenumbers are not valid !

  5. March 13, 2014
    Greetings Clansmen all,
    MacAlister Clan Centre Update
    Glenbarr Scotland: Coming off a very successful 12th Night event in January that was produced by visiting Clansmen, Lori McAllister from Iowa. There where some 50 locals entertained by three of the Kintyre’s finest entertainers. Thank you, to all our Clansmen and friends of the Clan who generously donated to ensure the event would be funded.
    While the 12th Night event was happening lurking in the background was a major problem for the Abbey. The electrical wiring in the Abbey entry was failing and the lights were going out.
    An electrician was called and it was discovered that the 70+ year old wiring needed to be replace in whole house to keep it from shorting out and burning the place down… Glenbarr Abbey was the very first building in Glenbarr to be wired for electricity and the wiring is now substandard and failing. The good news it that it was caught in time to prevent a major fire. The bad news is that the cost to replace the wiring in the whole house will be in excess of £12,000.00 ($20,000.00)
    Add to that our need to replace the failed and un-repairable heating boiler at a cost of £10,000.00 ($16,700.00) and the cost of the repair work to fix the water intrusion and damage to the interior of the house from the last several savvier winters and we are looking at a some £32,000.00 ($53,000.00) to just put things right.
    Needless to say the Trustees do not have that much money in the Trust account. While the Trustees are looking at all our options to find funds from grants and other Trusts, we ask that you all step up and generously give the Trust your financial assistance. This is your MacAlister Clan Centre. As a MacAlister Clansmen you own the Trust buildings and property and if the Trustees are to preserved it for you and your children, and children’s children we need your help to maintain the property.
    If for some reason we can’t maintain the property we will have to give to the National Trust. We ask that you consider how important it is for the Clan to keep the Clan Centre in our hands and make a generous, tax deductible, donation to the building fund by sending your check to; Clan MacAlister Society; For the Clan Trust; to: Sherrie McAllister, Treasurer, 401 Cedar St., El Cajon, CA 92021 and we will send you a letter acknowledging your donation.
    And to sweeten the deal we will make you the same offer we made to the Clansmen that supported the 12th Night event; that for any donation of $500.00 or more we will give two B&B nights free, for two people, in the Abbey. How cool is that.
    We ask for you support and look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Dennis I. McAllister,OLG – Trustee

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