Clan MacAlister Centre Report

Report From MacAlister Clan Centre
Glenbarr Abbey, Scotland

New Construction Projects
(Appeal for Funds)

Work at Glenbarr Abbey

Work at Glenbarr Abbey

Because of the brutal record cold for the last two winters several major problems have materialized in the Abbey building and need urgent repair.

The last several winters have been exceptionally cold and it is becoming expensive to heat the large living spaces. The heating bill for the winter of 2009 was over $5000.00 dollars. Money the Clan MacAlister Charitable Trust does not have.

The Coach House

As a result of the high cost of heating and maintaining the Abbey, Lady Glenbarr has moved out of the Abbey and moved into the Coach House which is adjacent to and east of the main Abbey structure. She owns the Coach house outright and it is not a part of the Trust. When the Trust was set up the Coach House was excluded and was intended to be Laird and Lady Glenbarr’s retirement lodgings.

Damaged Pipes, Roof, and Walls

While the Coach House is a much smaller space and easier for Lady Glenbarr to heat in the winter that also means that there is little or no heat in the Abbey. As a result this winter the house water service pipes burst and water damage resulted. Fortunately Lady Glenbarr checks the Abbey each day and the damage was minimized. But there was water damage. Before the Abbey was opened pipes need to be repaired at considerable expense.

As result of the heavy freezing and thawing and refreezing of the water on roof and sandstone walls several leaks have appeared. Work is going forward by Mr. Curry, who oversees and preforms many of the maintenance and construction projects for Lady Glenbarr. Mr Curry does many of the repairs and maintenance of the property. This spring he had to repair the the roof and water damage due to flooding and freezing all at considerable expense.

Mr Curry in the last several years has done a significant amount of repairs to the Abbey and property. I arrived last spring to find that he had re-landscaped the entrance to the Abbey. He had removed some unsightly and over grown plants an vegetation using rented construction equipment just as winter was setting in. As part of the clean up project the driveway from the road to the Abbey was sealed and re-graveled. Mr Curry’s work transformed the entrance to the Clan Centre giving it a clean a fresh look.

The Garden Spaces

In the spring over grown Rhododendron were removed at the entrance to the Coach House and new deck constructed at rear of the Gift Shop and Tea Room were guest can sit and enjoy their tea alfresco.

Every year there are always maintenance projects to be done and repairs made with the thaw and coming of spring. Most take a toll on the limited Trust finances and the personal finances of Lady Glenbarr.

How You Can Help

We must all remember that the MacAlister Clan Center and Glenbarr Abbey is Laid Glenbarr, Angus Macalister’s legacy to you and all MacAlister Clansmen world wide. He left the Abbey to you, your children and great Grandchildren to have for as long as you can keep it. And keep it you must. It up to you to see that this great historical family treasure is not lost to the Clan.

We need your generous donations to support the Clan Centre if the Trust and the Clan Centre are to survive.

More Information

You can make your tax deductible donation the the Clan Centre. Contact Clan MacAlister Society Treasurer, Sherrie McAllister, <> or call (619) 588-0667 in El Cajon, California.

Won’t you please contact her today and help to support the MacAlister Clan Centre with a donation. You will be supporting a great cause.